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Immigrants will need to pay bonds for bringing their family to UK

Government of British is planning to raise the earning limit for UK Nationals who wish to bring their dependent spouse to stay in the country with them. The move could not be favorable for Immigrants from India. A report stated that people wishing to bring their families and relatives to UK also need to pay thousands of pounds as bond to UK if they want to claim for benefits. The UK government’s new proposal plans to stiffen the rules for Non EU migrants. Immigrants from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh will be affected by the move and could create controversies because for these countries arrange marriages stay a strong tradition. This issue will be confronting in the court when couples will be differentiated based on low incomes. In 2010, nearly 50,000 visas were granted to family members of UK citizens and permanent residence.  70% from the sample of 500 people were found with yearly income less than 20,000 pounds after tax. To make sure that UK family sponsoring relatives visiting from outside EU do not work illegally and return to their home countries safely a plan was put forward by the Labour in the year 2007.  A related plan was put forward in the year 2000.  But both these plans were cancelled after a dispute from immigrant communities. The government is also planning new measures to stop forced marriages making it an offence to force someone for marriage.  The discussion on family visas came to end last week and stiffen rules will be initiated from April 2012. Couples and spouses will need to spend 5 years in spite of 2 years to prove that their relationship is genuine before they are permitted to permanently settle down in the country.  The couples will need to clear a “Mr and Mrs” test in which they will have to do the following:

  • Need to speak same language
  • Should know each other’s background
  •  Should share same set of facts about their relationship

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