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How to apply for Canada Immigration from India
Posted on: 13 Aug 2016  |   Tags: Express Entry , IRCC , ITA ,

Canada-Skilled-Immigration-ProgramC?n?d? ?? ?n? of the world's t?? ?mm?gr?t??n destinations with ?v?r 200,000 new ?rr?v?l? coming under th? C?n?d? ?mm?gr?t??n system ?v?r? year ?nd 305,000 ??t?nt??l ?mm?gr?nt? th?? year. D???d?ng t? ?mm?gr?t? t? C?n?d? ?? a significant ?t?? ?n th? l?v?? ?f th??? wh? ?ur?u? th?? dream. C?n?d? ??n b? considered ?? a h??v?n, ???????ll? f?r th? ????l? fr?m th? d?v?l???ng countries. W?th b?tt?r ????rtun?t??? f?r ?m?l??m?nt ?? well ?? personal growth, ?t ?? a ?l??? for th??? ?n search ?f a b?tt?r ?u?l?t? ?f life ?nd money. In Canada th?r? ?r? f?ur ??t?g?r??? ?f ?mm?gr?nt?: f?m?l? class (closely r?l?t?d ??r??n? ?f Canadian residents living ?n Canada), ???n?m?? ?mm?gr?nt? (?k?ll?d w?rk?r? and business ????l?), ?th?r (????l? ?????t?d ?? immigrants f?r humanitarian or compassionate r????n?) and r?fug??? (????l? who ?r? escaping persecution, t?rtur? ?r ?ru?l ?nd unu?u?l ?un??hm?nt) Immigration t? C?n?d? b???d ?n th? ?k?ll?d w?rk?r ??t?g?r?, ?? a very ???ul?r v??? ?r?gr?mm? ?nd is intended for ????l? with h?gh l?v?l? ?f ?k?ll? ?nd ?x??r??n??. C?n?d??n ?mm?gr?t??n ?l?? ?n?lud?? a special v??? category f?r bu??n??? immigrants. Citizenship ?nd Immigration C?n?d?, th? Canadian G?v?rnm?nt'? Immigration D???rtm?nt, also ?ll?w? the ?r?v?n?? of Qu?b?? t? ??l??t ?mm?gr?nt?. Th?r? ?? a n?w ???t?m t? m?n?g? h?w people w?th ?k?ll?d w?rk ?x??r??n?? apply t? ?mm?gr?t? t? C?n?d?. It ?? ??ll?d Express Entr?. Intr?du??d ?n J?nu?r? 1?t, 2015, the Ex?r??? Entr? is u??d b? Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) t? m?n?g? ??rm?n?nt r???d?n?? ???l???t??n? ?n th? f?ll?w?ng existing ?r?gr?mm??: F?d?r?l Sk?ll?d Worker Pr?gr?mm? (FSWP), F?d?r?l Sk?ll?d Tr?d?? Programme (FSTP), C?n?d??n Ex??r??n?? Cl??? (CEC) In th?? ???t?m, ???l???nt? ?r? r?nk?d ?g??n?t ???h ?th?r v?? a C?m?r?h?n??v? R?nk?ng S??t?m (CRS) ?nd th? most highly r?nk?d is ?nv?t?d t? ???l? f?r ??rm?n?nt r???d?n?? b? IRCC. Th? ???l???t??n? are ?ft?n ??m?l?t?d ?nl?n?, ?n?t??d ?f b??ng ?ubm?tt?d ?? ????r ???l???t??n?. A??l???nt? w?ll n??d t? have ??m?l?t?d th??r l?ngu?g? t??t?, ?nd ?f ???l???bl?, have h?d th??r ?du??t??n ?r?d?nt??l? ???????d. Th? w?? ?t w?rk? ?? th?t ?n ???l???nt w?ll ??m?l?t? a ?r?f?l? ?nl?n? und?r Express Entr?, ???nt? w?ll b? ?ll???t?d (r?g?rdl??? ?f ?r?gr?mm?) ?nd th? ???l???nt w?ll b? notified ?f which ?r?gr?mm? th?? are ?l?g?bl? f?r and h?w m?n? ???nt? th?? g?t. Th? ???nt ?ll???t??n ?? mu?h m?r? ??m?l?x compared t? th? ?r?v??u? FSWP ???nt? system (th? ???nt? ???t?m w?? n?t associated w?th th? FSTP ?nd CEC). Aft?r an ???l???nt receives ?n Invitation to Apply(ITA), th? ???l???nt w?ll h?v? 60 d??? (with n? ?xt?n???n?) t? ?ubm?t th??r ???l???t??n ?nd ?u???rt?ng d??um?nt?. Th? ITA? w?ll b? ???u?d wh?n IRCC d??? a dr?w and ??l??t? th? t??-r?nk?d ???l???nt?.

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