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Requirements for EU Blue Card of European Countries

A large number of people from non-European countries express keen interest in migrating to European Union countries. The EU blue card is usually issued to applicants with high skill sets and those who come under highly skilled and qualified categories. The EU blue card facilitates a foreign immigrant to work in European countries.

EU Blue CardHowever, there are a few requirements that an applicant needs to have for Germany EU Blue Card or Austria’s EU Blue Card or Sweden’s EU Blue Card or France’s EU Blue Card. Not only are Germany, Austria, Sweden and France] some of the prominent nations which issue EU Blue Cards to foreign immigrants, these are also the nations which are very much in the sights of foreigners for employment opportunities.

The following are the requirements that are to be possessed by a prospective applicant for a EU Blue Card.


A ready employment offer in hand

This is one primary requirement expected of applicants for a Blue Card. As the EU Blue Card has been specially carved for the benefit of highly skilled workers, employment in hand was made necessary for an applicant. However, this is a drawback to EU Blue Card when compared to other nations’ skilled immigration schemes for highly qualified workers who can migrate to those countries without a ready job offer in hand.

Academic Qualifications and Previous Work Experience

To put it simply and in a straight forward way, an applicant for a EU Blue Card is expected to have three years of bachelor’s study and five years of relevant work experience in his applied skilled area. This requirement is a big hurdle/barrier for many applications and this way the selecting countries are sure of getting those applicants with high levels of skills and expertise.

Salary Levels

Reinforcing the highly skilled category’s status, an applicant is supposed/expected to draw salary which is at least 1.7 times the average salary of an employee with the same designation in the chosen European Union country. Only upon fulfilling this requirement, the applicant’s application will move forward.

The above are the requirements to work in the European Counties on EU Blue Card.

Germany EU Blue Card and Austria EU Blue Card are the most sought-after ones as these countries have a huge shortage for skilled labor in their countries and are inviting many highly skilled professionals on Blue Card basis to migrate to their countries and fill the gap caused by a scarcity of skilled labor.

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