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Great Places to Travel with Elderly People – Happy ‘International Day of Older Persons’

1st October is marked world-wide as the ‘International Day for Older Persons’ and here we present to you a list of places you can visit in Europe with your elders to honor the wisdom and love they shared with you. Elders day Travelling with elders feels a little difficult or boring if you don’t know where to go and what to do. Each year, groups and families with elderly travelers visit Europe on self-guided, as well as organized vacations. Many visitors with senior tourists spend at least part of their vacations in the major cities of Europe. Although many of Europe's famous destinations have specific comforts for senior visitors, a few places have more ease of getting around and services. Cities Traveling with elderly companions is a cake-walk in Europe's major cities. In cities like Paris, London, Rome, Barcelona, Florence, Madrid and Berlin, visitors can stay in colorful neighborhoods and access local transportation, markets, cultural attractions and historical sites. The cities of UK offer English-language films, lectures and theater that may interest elderly visitors. However, please note that most of the senior discounts only apply to the citizens of the continent or country. Focusing on Western European cities is better if you are traveling with an elderly companion who has a medical condition. You have stable options within the health care systems in the Western European Cities. Cities will most likely have expert English speaking doctors and offer access to the same brand and medications their counterparts use at home. Cruises Walking long distances may be an issue while traveling with elderly people, and you may also wish to avoid layovers and transfers. However, by taking a cruise, you can still visit numerous destinations. Cruises allow you to view and absorb the scenery from a convenient vantage point without packing and unpacking often. Mediterranean cruises draw people of all ability levels and ages. Talk to the on-board crew regarding the accessibility of the areas where the cruise alights. You can spend up to a week touring the Rhine or Burgundy's wine country, or take a short jaunt up the Seine or Thames. Short Day-Trips Long itineraries or bus trips with a lot of transportation changes can be trying to senior visitors. Instead, take your elderly companions on a short day-trip from a city center. Trains travel directly to places of interest in London, like Oxford and Cambridge. From Paris, it's a short taxi ride or train trip to Versailles. A taxi or bus ride uphill from Florence will take you to the panoramic views and historic churches. You can book a spot on an organized tour that comprises of transport or, hire a driver for the day for more flexibility. Europe extends its train travel senior discounts to citizens from all countries. Considerations Whatever itinerary you may select, you need to make accommodations that are elder-friendly. Even cosmopolitan cities like London and Paris have old buildings with narrow stairwells, slippery marble or stone floors or poor access. If elevator access looks problematic, reserve hotel rooms on the first floor. Stay within a short walking distance of comfortable public transportation or taxi stands. Minimize your itinerary to have one highlight and the surrounding neighborhood for a day. Keep stopping often for breaks in comfortable places like cafes, restaurants or even pews in a historic cathedral. For more information on Visit Visas contact Opulentuz, Follow us @ Facebook

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