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The UK settlement fiancée/fiancé visa, otherwise known as the prospective marriage visa has laid down certain conditions & boundaries which must be taken into consideration while applying for it. People who are planning to start their journey of marriage should be well aware of the procedure & methodologies with laws related to immigration for a hassle-free migration to UK It should be filed by eligible British citizens and lawful permanent residents of the UK who wish to bring their prospective spouse to the United Kingdom with the intention of getting married. If the foreign groom or bride is qualified to receive this visa, then he or she may be admitted to the UK for the purpose of concluding the marriage within a period of six months. After the marriage, the relationship can be used apply for a two-year temporary visa, which allows the applicant to remain in the UK initially for two years. Commonly, in order to file a successful application for a UK fiance visa, you and your loved one must meet the following basic eligibility requirements: v  The sponsor must be either a British citizen or permanent resident of the UK. To be considered as a UK permanent resident, one must be permitted to live and work in the UK indefinitely without restrictions on his/ her stay. The qualifying sponsor must hold an indefinite leave to remain or right of abode in the UK. v  The sponsor must demonstrate that they are settled in the UK and if they are living overseas, then they expect to return to the UK to live, before or at the same time as your fiancé arrives in the UK on a settlement visa. v  To submit a successful application, one must be financially secure and have suitable accommodation arranged for their partner. It is important to prove, that the sponsor and their future spouse can afford to live in the UK and support themselves without requiring any disbursements of public funds. v  Applicant must be legally free to marry in order to apply for a settlement fiancé visa. This means that each of you must be single at the time of application and any previous marriages should have ended through divorce, annulment or death. v  Age factor is also an important consideration. The sponsor and his/ her partner must have attained minimum of 21 years of age. v  Evidences are required to be submitted that the sponsor has met in person or face to face his/ her partner prior to filing the settlement application. v  The sponsor and his/ her partner must have serious intention to marry in the UK within six months after receiving a prospective marriage visa. Similarly, it is required to express that they have a bona fide relationship. We believe that this would assist you in understanding the concept & basic requirements of UK settlement fiancée Visa, which will help you further in facilitating the process with ease.

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