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Overseas workers in UK who do not learn English will lack benefits

David Cameron, British Prime Minister, declared that overseas workers who are not familiar with the English language need to attend a free language training program to seek benefits. Declarations made by David Cameron and Duncan Smith, Pensions Secretary, are expected to benefit 67,000 workers with Allowances. And those who do not attend the Language training program will be demolished. David Cameron stated, “We are getting rid of the old idea that you can get your welfare without conditions being put on that.” “Learning English will help you in getting valued jobs as we need more people in work for creating a bigger and productive economy. People should make it a must instead of simply learning it for gaining benefits,” said David Cameron. Department of Business will fund the local colleges which are taking initiative in English Language training programs. Jobseekers allowances will be blocked for three months for individuals who do not attend the classes advised to them.

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