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E-Visa increases the number of Indian and Chinese tourist to Malaysia

E VisaThere has been a leap in the no. Of tourist visiting Malaysia from India and China after the Malaysian government e-visa being issued to the travelers who have made the process less cumbersome. The tourist traveling from India saw a rise of 91.1 % in April as compared to March. There were nearly 36,442 visas approved in March which shot up to 69,635 in April. The E-Visa also saw large no. Of tourist from China as well where 323,172 Chinese tourists had been reported to Malaysia. The e-Visa and eNTRI which is the Electronic Travel Registration and Information is required for the candidate legal visit to the country so that a track of records could be kept and well maintained for understanding the inflow of tourist and the income generated from them. There have been many countries like the Indonesia, Thailand, and Singapore who have given Visa on Arrival facility to the tourist traveling to their country which has promoted their tourism in these countries.The E-Visa facility will not benefit the tourist but also make the process faster in affordable fees. Many air travels like the Air Asia and other top notch airlines build this opportunity of Visa on Arrival facility in their favor and have partnered with main cities in India like Mumbai, Kochi to provide frequent air travels based on the frequency of tourist. There are multiple candidates who go to Malaysia on business related matters; the e-Visa will provide them ease of traveling with a perspective of converting the visitor into an immigrant. The Visa fees are on the higher side hence the government of Malaysia is formulating rules to subsequently encash more tourist by setting up bilateral talks with the Indian government. Malaysian tourism board has a vision of targeting 23.5 million tourist inflow by 2020 with India contributing 1.5 million. For more information about this, please fill out the Free assessment form. One of our consultants will get back to you. For more updates follow us on FacebookTwitterGoogle

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