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Australian Immigration Authorities deported 55 Indian students on the grounds of ‘breaches’ like failure to maintain an enrolment. The students were intercepted by immigration authorities at the airport and deported back to their home countries within 72 hours. These students were among over 150 students whose visas were canceled on returning to Australia in the last financial year. Indians are considered to be the largest group to be deported back. Chinese stood 2nd with 37 students expelled back. Around 470,221 people arrived in Australia on student visas. Amongst those, almost 9000 were questioned by immigration officials, as per a data released by Department of Immigration and Citizenship. The most common breach leading to student visa cancellation was a failure to maintain an enrolment and no longer attending classes. The data showed that around 84 students had vocational education visas or higher education visas which stood at 66. As per spokesman of Federation of Indian Students of Australia (FISA) the airport crackdowns were “perceived to be retribution because students protested” against attacks on Indians in past years. Monash University's Chris Nyland suggests that students planning to go overseas should be able to get a document from their institution showing there were no problems of the kind that could get their visa canceled. "It would say you have permission to leave and you are in good standing at the university," he said.

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