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Australia lacks skilled immigrants, said the Department of Immigration and Citizenship. It has sketched a plan for Enterprise Migration Agreements (EMA) in order to help business firms hire skilled employees from all over the world. The new strategy is especially designed for resource industries in Australia. EMA will allow organizations to bring in skilled employees for resource projects; especially for the mining sectors of the country. Australian work visa will be made available for entitled projects to overcome the shortage of local workers. According to the spokesman of Australian Immigration Department, the financial and other service benefits will be announced to the overseas employees and their entrée in the country will fulfill the needs of resource projects. But this does not mean that the local employees will be ignored, they will be given equal importance as the overseas employees. The organizations in Australia should meet criteria specific to the size of the project and the number of employees required, in order to become eligible for the EMA program. "The agreements are available to resource projects which have been approved by the relevant state or territory government with capital expenditure of more than $2 billion and with a peak workforce of more than 1500 workers,"  said the spokesman. The Department of Immigration and Citizenship said, it will take three months for program's submissions to bring into action.

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