Denmark Work Permit Ensures Easy Entry to Denmark

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Requirement for Denmark Work PermitHave plans to immigrate to Denmark for work? If yes, this is the right time to discover your passion for working in Denmark, as the country is experiencing a lack of skilled professionals to work for their economy. This Scandinavian country in Northern Europe tops the list as a popular destination for skilled individuals pondering to settle and work in Europe. It’s well-balanced work-life and excellent career, and employment opportunities make most workers be part of the Danish workforce.

Denmark Work Visa

Denmark holds a promising future for overseas Professionals planning to broaden their horizons. A foreign applicant aspiring to immigrate to this vibrant, cultured nation must acquire a Denmark work permit before their initiation of work in the nation. However, if foreign professional desires to undertake work-related activities for less than three months, one need not obtain the work or residence permit. Work-related activities include attending the course, teaching, participating in the conferences, training and briefings.

Denmark Special schemes

Demark has designed four popular schemes for qualified professionals to acquire the resident or work permit of Denmark at the earliest.

The Greencard scheme: This applies to foreign applicants who wish to immigrate to Denmark to seek work.

The Positive List: An overseas applicant who has been proffered a job in any of the professions listed under occupations in which country is experiencing shortage can apply under this scheme.

Apart from this, there are two other popular schemes called Pay Limit scheme and Corporate Scheme which would be helpful for a qualified professional to be a part of their workforce.

Requirement for Denmark Work Permit

  • Must hold a valid written job offer, which clearly states employment conditions and salary of a prospective applicant. This is not valid if application is made under Greencard Scheme
  • Must possess the testament of health insurance
  • Must be able to demonstrate that he or she can support oneself without seeking any help from the public

Make use of the most popular Denmark Work Visa to fulfil your long-term goals at the earliest.

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