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Work and Live in Denmark - Apply For Denmark Green Card

Live- and-Work-In-DenmarkThe Denmark Green Card does allow the individuals to live as well as work in Denmark if they score enough points which are based on the criteria such as language skills, age, education and work experience.

If the individuals score minimum points, they can get residence permit which is valid for nearing to 18 months.

Why Migrate to Denmark?

  • Happiest Nation
  • GDP Promising
  • Booming Economy
  • Increasing office and industrial area
  • Famous College and Universities with Courses in the English language
  • Perfect balance of work life
  • Free education
  • Health care facilities are free
  • Offers high quality of life
  • Social security
  • Friendly atmosphere
  • Environment is pollution free

The Denmark Green Card Dependent Visa is created for dependent children who are unmarried and whose age is 18  and for spouses of holders of Denmark Green Card, who desires to accompany their spouse or parent to the nation.

Denmark Spouse Visa

If applicant’s spouse or the cohabiting partner does live in Denmark, then they can apply for the Denmark spouse visa on the grounds of family reunification.

Requirement Relating To Marriage

  • Under Danish law, the individual’s marriage should be valid. This particular requirement does not apply the cohabiting partners
  • If the person and their partner are not legally married, then their relationship should be lasting and permanent nature. Normally, the individuals should be able to document that they have lived their partner for minimum of 18 months at a shared address
  • People should have entered matrimony voluntarily
  • The individual's marriage should not have been entered for the sole purpose getting a residence permit.

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