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‘Swarna Pravas Yojna’ – training 20,000 youth for overseas jobs

‘Swarna Pravas Yojna’ is a scheme from the central government that aims to train around 200,000 youngsters for overseas jobs. Vayalar Ravi, Minister of Overseas Indian Affairs said that people migration should be liberalized at a macro level so that the market forces ensure social security and competitive wages while operating efficiently. Job opportunities in AbroadHe said that migration - whether return at the micro level or emigration - is a personal choice and both state and central government should play their roles to facilitate the individuals’ decision. Ravi said that the Indian Government is working to ensure sufficient opportunities of training of skills for youngsters so that they can obtain jobs and India can achieve competitiveness in the labor market globally. During a conference on ‘India -EU Migration and Mobility - Prospects and Challenges’, Ravi said that the national policy of India on skill development (2009) aims to craft  workforce that is empowered with internationally recognized qualifications, improved skills and knowledge to gain access to proper employment and ensure the competitiveness of India in the labor market globally. The minister said that the policy aims to raise workforce productivity both in the unorganized and organized sectors. When asked if the cooperation between India and EU will help raise India’s foreign reserves, the minister said that it was not just the financial side but also the migrants’ side. Ravi said that the important thing is India’s work force availability and their ability to go and work freely. He added that, still, there are several problems in this as each country has its own policy on migration. The minister said that conferences like this will help take the initiative for the Indian workforce acceptance in European countries. He stressed that though money coming to India is definitely a part of it the important thing is the employment opportunity. Also being implemented by the ministry is the ‘Swarna Pravas Yojna’, a scheme from the central government that aims to train around 200,000 youngsters for overseas jobs in the 12th Five-year plan period. When asked if there will be an ease in visa norms, the minister said that people are obtaining longer visas. Ravi said that when people go for jobs overseas, they get longer visas, and there is an improvement in ties between EU and India due to the talks at different levels including those at the level of the Prime Minister always helps. The ministry has signed a HRMP (Human Resource Mobility Partnership) and 18 Social Security Agreements and with Denmark to facilitate overseas migration of the skilled personnel. Ravi said that the ageing European population is the cause of workforce deceleration in the labor market and stressed on the need for better cooperation between EU and India considering the situation of demographics on both sides. The minister said that out of the population of 1.2 Billion India, 1/3rd of them are aged between 1 and 14 and by 2030, India will have a youthful and dynamic workforce of around 700 Million with an average age of 35. He said that this is anticipated to constitute a considerable proportion of workforce across the world. For more news updates follow us @ Facebook

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