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Immigration to Denmark while studying or working, etc. there

Denmark is a welcoming country and it welcomes immigrants with open arms. The quality of life there also is good that prospective immigrants find this aspect to be attractive and seek to migrate there (i.e. migrate to Denmark). But, it is also true that there are certain stringent rules and regulations that govern who can and who cannot apply for obtaining permanent residence in Denmark. These following below are applicable for those who are already working or studying in Denmark, at the time of applying for the Danish green card (i.e. for immigration to Denmark). The rules and regulations for those seeking to Migrate to Denmark on the grounds of being a ‘refugee’, or, for those who are aged between 18 years and 19 years and similar other categories are very different and are not covered below. Immigration to Denmark while studying or working   There are to begin with some strict eligibility criteria to successfully apply to and gain the right to permanent residency in Denmark (i.e. immigration to Denmark) for those who are already working or studying there. Some of these are the rules that the applicant should satisfy, before he or she can be deemed qualified for Denmark immigration. Thus, the applicant should qualify for temporary residence, he or she should be over the age of 18 years, he or she should have resided in Denmark for atleast five years and he or she should not have a criminal history. Also, necessary or are requirements that the applicant should not have received any kind of funds from the government or any of its agencies. A signed declaration that the applicant will actively integrate and be part of Denmark’s society also needs to be submitted as part of the ‘Denmark immigration process. All of the above ought to be or are required to be satisfied before the applicant is considered for Immigration to Denmark. Some other requirements of Denmark Migration are that the applicant should have passed the Danish language test 1 or its equivalent, have been working in a full time job or been studying in a Danish educational program while applying (or, even when the formal Denmark immigration is in progress) for Denmark’s Immigration Process. All of the preceding are minimum conditions or requirements that ought to be met by every applicant seeking to migrate to Denmark. Apart from these, the applicant who has a residence permit of Denmark and who is studying or working in Denmark can then apply for a permanent residence by submitting a paper based application form called the Form TU. And also, yes, when the applicant applies through TU4, his or her residence permit must not have expired. And the application must be submitted along with the requisite application fees, which is also one of the final formalities/rules of the Immigration to Denmark immigration process. By adhering strictly to the above rules, regulations, procedures, etc., a person can migrate to the Danish country which is a ‘happy country for happy living’, provided of course the immigration authorities decide favourably on the applicant’s immigration application. For more updates Follow us @ Facebook

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