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Denmark Gr??n Card D???nd?nt Visa

D?nm?rk’s Green C?rd D???nd?nt Visa ?? a category ?f v??? d???gn?d ??????ll? for ???u??? ?nd dependent unmarried children under th? age ?f 18 ?f D?nm?rk Gr??n C?rd holders wh? want to m?gr?t? to D?nm?rk w?th their spouse ?r ??r?nt?.

U?u?ll?, a D?n??h Green Card h?ld?r ?? peScreenshot_119rmitted to bring his spouse, ??h?b?t?ng ??rtn?r, ?nd ?h?ldr?n less than 18 years to l?v? with them wh?l? ?n a stay in Denmark. The dependents are ???u?d r???d?n?? ??rm?t wh??h ?ll?w? th?m t? work full-time f?r the ?nt?r? ??r??d till th? v?l?d?t? ?f the Gr??n Card h?ld?r ?x??r??. Y?u must have ??h?b?t?d or lived w?th someone for ?t l???t 18-24 m?nth? to b? considered ?? a cohabiting ??rtn?r. Al??, ?n ?xtr??rd?n?r? ?????, ?t ?? ?????bl? f?r ??ur ?h?ld over th? ?g? ?f 18, wh? is living w?th ??u ?r f?r ??ur parents, t? be gr?nt?d a residence ??rm?t.

R??u?r?d D??um?nt?t??n

An ???l???t??n f?r a r???d?n?? permit ?? ?n ????m??n??ng f?m?l? m?mb?r mu?t have the f?ll?w?ng d??um?nt?:

  • V?l?d passport w?th m?n?mum 1-year v?l?d?t?
  • Marriage certificate for ???u??? ?r r?g??t?r?d ??rtn?r?
  • R?l?v?nt d??um?nt? to ?r?v? th? r?l?t??n?h?? ?f r?g??t?r?d & cohabitating partner.
  • You ?h?uld not ?x???d 18 years of age ?f ??u ?r? the d???nd?nt ?h?ldr?n ?f the ???n??r
  • Birth ??rt?f???t?? f?r dependent ?h?ldr?n are required.

Financial Requirement

If ??u h?ld a r???d?n?? and w?rk ??rm?t und?r th? Greencard ??h?m?, you must d??um?nt that ??u can ?u???rt your family f?r the dur?t??n of th??r ?t?? in Denmark, and ??u must also furbish details of ??ur ??l?r? and w?rk conditions in D?nm?rk. Th? f?n?n???l r??u?r?m?nt b???d on various ??t?g?ruies ?? as f?ll?w?

  • DKK 64404/?nnum ??r person for spouses ?r ??h?b?t?ng ??rtn?r?
  • DKK 16104/?nnum ??r child for m?rr??d ?r cohabiting parents
  • DKK 19428/?nnum per ?h?ld for single ??r?nt


Y?u ?? th? Gr??n ??rd h?ld?r ?nd ??ur f?m?l? must l?v? together at th? same ?ddr??? ?n D?nm?rk. M?r??v?r, you mu?t show ?r??f of being ?bl? to ?u???rt ??ur f?m?l? financially. A? such, ??ur f?m?l? m?? n?t receive public assistance und?r th? terms of th? A?t?v? S????l Policy Act (?????l benefits).

Pl???? n?t? th?t ?f ??u h?ld a r???d?n?? ??rm?t und?r th? Gr??n??rd scheme, ??ur family m?mb?r? ??nn?t be gr?nt?d a r???d?n?? permit unt?l you h?v? a ?l??? t? l?v? ?n Denmark, have a job, and ?r? b??ng ???d a ??l?r?. Y?ur f?m?l? m?mb?r? ?h?uld n?t ???l? for a r???d?n?? permit unt?l you meet these r??u?r?m?nt?.


A???m??n??ng d???nd?nt? w?ll n?rm?ll? be gr?nt?d a residence ??rm?t f?r th? ??m? duration as th? ?r?m?r? v??? h?ld?r, but f?r a m?x?mum ?f f?ur years, and ?ft?r ??ght years f?r five ???r? ?t a t?m?, if th? visa holder has b??n gr?nt?d a ??rm?n?nt r???d?n?? ??rm?t.

Al??, at th? ?x??r?t??n ?f your j?b ??ntr??t, ?f gr?nt?d w?rk permit f?r j?b ???k?ng, ??ur d???nd?nt family members will also b? gr?nt?d w?rk ??rm?t for the ??m? period ?? ??u.

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