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Get placed in the elite league of European Union: Migrate to Denmark

Europe has always been a fascinating destination for non-Europeans as it fetched promising career opportunities and consistent growth in living standards has been recorded ever since post–war period. One of the strong forces of European Union which has been increasingly gaining name and fame in all fields is Denmark. Denmark, despite lacking quality skilled personnel on a huge count, has been able to record substantial growth and potential in the years. Denmark immigration has a very immigrant–friendly approach towards people who want to migrate to the country in the name of employment and make a living. Following the tycoon of European Union – UK, Denmark as well introduced point based system to decide the eligibility criteria for immigrants. Migrate to Denmark with Green Card However, there’s a very prestigious Denmark green card option which is endearingly called Danish Green Card which is approved to immigrants who fulfill a specific set of requirements to flow in. Denmark, with its arms wide open invites all the skilled workers of the world to migrate so that their scarcity in skilled personnel can be engulfed. Based on the applicant’s age, academic qualification, relevant experience, fluency and proficiency in English, etc., points are allotted. When points of an applicant touch 100 on scale, he/she will be granted with Danish Green Card. The green card application has got nothing to do with job offer on hand for the applicant. The Danish Green Card’s initial permit lasts for three years which is extendable. There’s one more scheme called The Positive List with Denmark Immigration to fill up the vacant positions of skilled workers in the country. There are certain industries like tourism, food industry, etc., which has a severe shortage for proletariat's. If an applicant’s stream of work falls under The Positive List, then the applicant upon fulfilling the eligibility criteria, will be entitled to employment and subsequently residence in no time. Even if the applicant’s stream of work later loses its position on The Positive List, the applicant can stay back in Denmark and search for work and make a living. Without such flexibility at hand like Danish Green Card and The Positive List, an enthusiastic applicant can still migrate to Denmark; provided there’s job offer in hand by a Danish employer. The package offered should be not less than DKK 375, 000 annually. In such scenario, residence in Denmark will be approved. With such flexible and convenient immigration rules, Denmark opens up a plethora of options within itself to flourish and ensure a great life.

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