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Do you need a Work Permit to work in Denmark?

work in DenmarkDenmark is a country that highly values the work-life balance of an employee and hence, it is one of the most revered places for people who wish to work abroad. Except for nationals of few countries, if a person wants to work in Denmark, (s)he needs to apply for a Denmark Work Permit. Also, to stay in the country while working, the applicant also needs to apply for a Denmark Residence Permit. However, the procedure and conditions for applying for a Denmark residence permit and Work Permit varies depending on the citizenship of the applicant. Here are some of them:

  • Without the necessity of applying for a Denmark Work Permit, Nordic Citizens can enter and work in Denmark anytime
  • Citizens of EEA (Norway, Lichtenstein and Iceland), EU and Switzerland are allowed to stay and work in Denmark for 3 months without any restrictions, though, for 8 new EU countries, specific transitional rules apply.
  • Any individual who is the citizen of a Non-EU country must apply for and secure a Denmark Work Permit and residence permit prior to his/her arrival in Denmark.

After arriving in the country with a Denmark Residence Permit, the applicant must register with Folkeregisteret, the National Register of Denmark. Once an individual is registered, (s)he can join the National Health Service automatically. A CPR number, which is an individual’s ID number in Denmark, will be issued and along with a Sygesikringsbevis, a Health Insurance Certificate, that allows you to avail free medical treatment and some other public services.

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