Benefits of Migrating To Denmark

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Benefits of Migrating To DenmarkWhen you unfold the pages of tourism, the country that strikes your attention is Denmark. In the recent past, Denmark even attracted a large number of prospective employees, thanks to an acute skilled labour shortage that threw open doors to foreign talent.

In case, you want to give Denmark a try, you must know about Demark immigration and benefits of migrating to Denmark.

Read on to find more about immigration to Denmark.

Settle in Denmark:

Unlike Canada, Denmark doesn’t give permanent residency at the first go. You first need to go to Denmark Green Card Scheme. Also called as Danish Green Card, it will give three years permission to stay in Denmark after which you can extend it to another four years. Then only you can apply for Denmark permanent residency.

Benefits of migrating to Denmark:

There are many benefits of migrating to Denmark. They include:

  • Denmark permanent resident will be able to own a house
  • Denmark permanent resident will be eligible for various insurance and other benefits released by the government from time to time
  • Denmark permanent residents can tour Schengen countries without a visa
  • Denmark permanent residents can sponsor their relatives and parents
  • Relatives and spouse of Denmark PRs enjoy the same benefits as enjoyed by Denmark PR

Denmark PR processing:

Denmark immigration from India has been on a high for the past few years. Notably, Denmark has different eligibility criteria for different countries.  It is therefore advised to approach a good visa consultancy to get a Denmark Green Card processing.

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