How to Qualify in Denmark Immigration Points Calculator

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Denmark Green CardDenmark is the most populous destination among migrants who wish to immigrate overseas. Denmark immigration offers a number of benefits to migrants, which include good living & economic standards, advanced educational facilities, good transportation facilities, etc. Immigration to Denmark offers people with better career prospects that enrich their future. To immigrate to Denmark, aspirants must obtain a permit, which can be acquired by satisfying certain rules in accordance with the Denmark immigration laws. Due to lack of skilled workers, the Denmark immigration department has designed many schemes to attract more number of skilled workers. For skilled professionals immigration to Denmark is possible through Denmark Green Card Scheme. Under Denmark Green Card Scheme, individuals can acquire a residence permit that lets them to seek work in the country.

Denmark immigration points calculator  


Denmark Green Card Scheme follows points based system in which candidate’s eligibility is evaluated using a point’s calculator. Denmark immigration point’s calculator is used to assess candidate’s eligibility against required criteria. Aspirants need to score minimum 100 points in Denmark immigration points calculator. Points will be given based on certain set of pre-defined factors which include age, language skills, adaptability, educational qualification and work experience. Thus, to be eligible for Denmark Green Card Scheme, applicants need to qualify in Denmark immigration point’s calculator.

Denmark immigration Requirements


To immigrate to Denmark, applicants need to have full health insurance coverage in addition to qualifying in Denmark immigration point’s calculator. You must hold a proof that you have sufficient funds to meet your expenses and your dependent family members (if any) during your stay in the country. Moreover, you need to prove that you do not receive any public assistance in accordance with the terms of the Active Social Policy Act during your stay in the country. Under Denmark Green Card Scheme, successful applicants will be granted with a three year residence permit with the option of extension.   

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