How to Apply Denmark Green Card from India

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Danish-Green-Card-ImmigrationWith the Danish Green Card, you would be able to live and work in Denmark. You can get the Denmark Green Card if you can score enough points. These are points that are based upon various criteria that include age, language skills, besides your work experience in addition to education.

Getting points

A score of at least 100 points can get you a residence permit that will allow you to stay for18 months. Also, you will be able to bring along your immediate family too. Just the scores are not enough. You must possess a valid health insurance policy too. In addition, you must be able to prove that you will be able to support yourself and your family in case you are not able to find Work in Denmark.

The points for getting the Danish Green Card fall under five areas. These include education, Language Skills, besides Work Experience, Adaptability, as well as Age. You may also score bonus points for various other factors. The points for Education can be scored in case you possess the Danish equivalent of any bachelor’s degree. Your academic credentials have to be assessed by CIRIUS. This is a body which is under the Danish Ministry of Science, Technology, and Innovation. You can get bonus points under Education in case you have obtained a degree that is from a top school. You can also get bonus points if you have an education that qualifies you for work in any of the occupations that are listed on the Positive List. Once you get all these bonus points, you can have a maximum number of points for Education as 105.

A bachelor’s degree can get you 30 points while a bachelor’s degree along with a Master’s degree of 1 year can get you 50 points. A Master’s degree can get you 60 points while a PhD can get you 80 points. If your school ranking  is among the top 400 schools, then you can get 5 bonus points. In case the school is among top 200 schools, you will get10 points. If your school is among the top 100 schools, then you get 15 bonus points.

In case your education is related to occupations that are listed on the Positive List, then you get10 bonus Points. This will make it easier for you to get the Danish Green Card.

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