Eligible Occupations for Danish Green card

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Eligible Occupations for Danish Green Card – Denmark is looked up as the most desired destination by many job seekers belonging to foreign origin. Denmark Greencard scheme is especially designed for professional having skills, qualification and experience which would help in filling the shortage of skilled workforce in Denmark. For balanced lifestyle. The successful applicants are awarded Danish Residence cards as well as work permit under the Greencard scheme for job seekers on the basis of the individual evaluation which again depends on the point system. The individual are required to obtain separate work permit to work in Denmark.

The Positive list :

 Given below is the list of occupation which are presently in demand in Denmark.


  • Mechanical Engineer

        -Essential –Bachelor’s degree(professional)

  • Production Engineer

        -Essential : Bachelor’s degree(professional)

  • Building Engineer

        -Essential- Bachelor’s degree(professional)

  • Environmental Engineer

        -Essential- Bachelor’s degree(professional)

  • Energy Engineer

         -Essential – Bachelor’s degree(professional)

  • IT Engineer

        -Essential- Bachelor’s degree(professional)

 IT and Tele communication

  • IT architect

        -Essential-minimum 3 yrs of IT education

  • Programmer and systems developer

       -Essential –minimum 3 yrs of IT education

  • IT consultant

      -Essential-minimum 3 years of IT education

Educational work

  • Pedagogue

        -Essential: Bachelor’s degree(professional)

        Social Pedagogue

        Essential: Bachelor’s degree(professional)

Other Academic work

  • Auditor

       -Essential: Master’s degree

  • Business Controller

       -Essential: Minimum 3 years of education at university level or business school level

  • Financial Controller

        -Essential: minimum 3 years of education at business school level or university level

  • Economics and Business administrator

       -Essential: minimum 3 years business school or university level

  • Business analyst

       -Essential : minimum 3 years education at business school level or university level

Building and Construction

  • Construction manager and Architectural technologist

      -Essential : Bachelor’s degree(professional)

 Duration of Danish Green cards

  • Greencard scheme is valid upto 2 yrs.
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