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Denmark Work PermitDenmark is one of the beautiful countries in the world. The country has a lot to offer the tourists coming from various parts of the world. Denmark has always encouraged tourists, students and skilled workers from different regions without any kind of discrimination.

Denmark is slowly developing as one of the powerful countries in the world. The country is growing its options by giving opportunities to the international skilled workers around the world to come and work in Denmark.

The nationals of Denmark are friendly and welcome skilled workers to make their career in the country. Skilled workers who want make their life in Denmark and improve their standards of living should apply for Denmark work permit.

Denmark work visa is a key for the foreign skilled workers who stay outside EU. Denmark Work Permit for Indians is one of the essential things that a skilled worker should have to enter the country and work.

Working in Denmark in Denmark can be fun, and the lifestyle is affordable compared several other countries. There are many types of Denmark temporary work visa such as

•Positive list
•Pay limit scheme
•Corporate scheme
•Green card scheme

Positive list

This scheme comes under a list of a shortage of quailed professionals below certain occupations. The skilled workers who have been offered a job and fulfilled the education requirement have easy access to Danish labour market.

Pay limit scheme

This is given to a worker who has been offered a job with an annual pay above a certain limit. They also have easy access to Danish labour market.

Corporate scheme

This scheme makes it possible for the employees in a company, outside Denmark to be stationed in the company’s Danish subsidiary, parent or sister or similar period of time.

Green card scheme

This scheme also works permit for Denmark which gives an opportunity for the qualified foreign workers to enter the country work and reside up to certain period of time.

Most of the foreign skilled workers choose Denmark green card to work in Denmark. This scheme is also applicable as work permits for Indians in Denmark.
Skilled workers have many benefits of choosing this type of work permit such as

•Holder of green card can get their dependents along with them
•After completing certain period of time, they can apply for permanent residence
•They can also tour the entire EU without obtaining any kind of visa

The eligibility for the skilled worker to obtain green card is based on points base system where the skilled worker will be assessed on certain factors such as

•Work experience


•30 points for graduation
•50 points for degree with one-year master degree
•60 points for two years’ master degree
•80 points for Ph. D

Work experience

•15 points for work experience in the past five years
•30 points for language proficiency

Age and Adaptability

•15 points each for adaptability and age
The skilled worker must score a minimum of 100 points to qualify the test.

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