Denmark Green Card Points Calculator- Know the Qualifying Criteria

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Denmark Green Card Points CalculatorKnown for lovely coastlines and mind baffling Islands, Denmark is a place that attracts people from various nations. With its tourist places, amazing beaches, sparkling towns and beautiful rural countryside, Denmark rolled out to be the wonderful place to immigrate. The country not only lures visitors but also offers ample job opportunities for overseas skilled professionals. Immigration to Denmark is mostly preferred by skilled professionals as it offers ample opportunities for them in various key sectors. Its flourishing economy and growing industrial sector have made Denmark a modern economy.

Immigration to Denmark    

Denmark immigration is mostly chosen by qualified overseas immigrants because the country offers enormous opportunities for them at every level. To encourage skilled professionals, Denmark has introduced Greencard scheme, which facilitates skilled migration to the country. Anyone who is wishing to seek work and wish to work in the country can apply for Denmark Greencard scheme. To qualify under Denmark Greencard scheme, one must have their qualification assessed by the point grid system. The country follows point base system to evaluate candidate’s eligibility under Denmark Greencard.

Denmark Greencard Points Calculator

Under Denmark Greencard Points Calculator, candidates need to score 100 points for educational qualification, adaptability and language criteria.

Educational qualifications    

In Denmark Greencard Points Calculator, points will be allotted only for Danish educational level. To score points for educational qualification, you must hold a degree that is equivalent to Danish bachelor’s degree. Points will be given for highest educational level. Points will be given for Bachelor’s degree/Graduated from medium-length education, Master’s degree, PHD and Bachelor’s degree followed by one-year Master’s degree.

Language skills

To score points for language, the applicant must document that they have qualified in an approved language test in Norwegian, Danish, German, Swedish, or English. Only language tests that you have passed in not more than two years before you file an application are considered.


In Denmark Greencard points calculator, points will be given for their educational or work related attachment to the EU/EEA (including Denmark) or Switzerland. Points will be given for either education or work.

Holders of Denmark Greencard scheme will be granted a residence permit for two years. After completion of this period, you can apply for an extended period of three years.

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