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Denmark Green card from IndiaWith 8.7 million visitors’ arrival Denmark has created a special place in the hearts of all those tourists who would crave for sandy beaches, lush greenery and rocky seascapes.  There are in fact many, who have fallen in love with Denmark, and became its permanent residents. If you also want to be among them who would like to work and reside in Denmark for the rest of your life, you need to get a Denmark Green Card.

Denmark Immigration:


Immigration to Denmark has been on high in the recent past given the large number of employment opportunities created in various sectors in Denmark.  Immigration to Denmark should be on your cards in case you are looking for an overseas opportunity and you belong to any of these professions

  • Engineering
  • Doctor or Nurse
  • Technical voice training
  • Hotel and hospitality

Migrating to Denmark is no more a hard nut to crack. You can just apply for a work visa. However, if you have plans to settle in Denmark, it’s advisable to apply for Danish Green Card.

Denmark Green CardDenmark Green Card:


The Danish Green Card allows you to settle in the country. However, the immigrants would first get only three-year valid Green Card, which can be renewed. The processing time for Denmark Green Card would typically take than three to four months if you meet the requirements. There’s also the Danish Visum, which will allow you to go to Denmark and search for a job. Once you get a job, you can apply for Denmark Green Card.

Some of the key benefits of Denmark Green Card include

  • Denmark Green Card holders can renew their Green Card for a four-year stay period
  • After seven years of immigration (holding Denmark card and getting it renewed), an immigrant would be entitled for permanent resident
  • Denmark Green Card holders can move across Schengen countries without visa
  • The family members of Denmark Green Card holder enjoy the same rights enjoyed by the GC holder

Denmark Green Card from India:


While Denmark international population has been growing rapidly, a majority of them are said to be from India. To get a Denmark Greek Card from India is just like getting Danish GC from any other country. Just that Indian nationals are apparently exploring the opportunities in Denmark, which is why there has been an increase in the number of Denmark Green Card applications from India.

Denmark Green Card Eligibility:


To get a Denmark Green Card, an applicant needs to score a minimum of 100 points. Based on the education, communication skills and others, certain number of points are allotted to each category. Read on to find out more about the breakup of points.

  • Graduation: 30 points
  • Graduation with one-year master degree: 50 points               
  • Master degree: 60 points
  • Ph.D: 80 points
  • Maximum of 30 points for your language skills (English,German, Norwegian, Danish or Swedish)
  • A maximum of 15 points based on your work experience in the last five years
  • 15 each can be given for your age (low) and adaptability

If you meet all these requirements, you must visit a nearby visa consulate or approach a good visa consultancy to get your Danish Green Card processed today. 

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