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Denmark Green CardPlanning to start your new life in European Union member country? Then Denmark is surely a right choice to explore work opportunities. Over the past few years, Denmark has witnessed a steady rise in skilled immigrants relocating to the country.  Immigration to Denmark is a good option for applicants who wish to experience professional life, high standard of living with lucrative career and employment prospects. With the rise in demand for skilled workers in the country, Denmark has lured many overseas skilled professionals who possess special skills and abilities.

Denmark Green Card

Overseas individuals choosing to migrate to Denmark must choose Green Card Scheme, as it is one of the popular schemes designed for skilled professionals to attain residence permit. Danish Green Card is entirely a point based system where the credentials of a prospective applicant are assessed, upon being successful applicants will be granted with resident and work permit. An interesting fact about this special scheme is that Denmark Green Card holders need not obtain a separate work permit. As per the Denmark immigration points calculator 2015 a skilled professional is recommended to score 100 points in the test. Points are awarded based on the eligibility criteria of a prospective applicant such as educational level, adaptability and language skills.

Requirements for Denmark Green Card

Following are the requirements that an overseas skilled immigrant must meet to get a Denmark Green Card:

  • Should possess sufficient funds to support themselves during their stay in Denmark
  • Must be enrolled in any of the higher education programs that are approved by the state or territory
  • Must be able to speak and understand any of these languages such as Danish, Norwegian, German, Swedish or English

Under this Green Card scheme family members of a prospective skilled applicant are also permitted to visit Denmark.

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