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Denmark: An Inspiring Destination For Prospective Migrants!

Denmark ImmigrationDenmark is an economically advanced country populated with happy, optimistic, sociable and prosperous citizens. The country is in fact often stated to be one among the best countries to live in and migrate to Denmark. The country is a welfare state and is known to be country with citizenry who are equals and with not much corruption in its government. All of the aforesaid make it an attractive destination for permanent residency. The country has a long history, dating back to the ‘Viking age’. Once upon a time, the country’s size was large and its rulers and people wielded much power and influence. But over a period of time, the country’s size was diminished largely due to lost battles, forced relinquishments of land and surrenders. But, today, Denmark has regained its lost glory and is again an advanced, powerful economy and a country with considerable achievements in different areas such as design, architecture, farming, green technology and pharmaceuticals. And, it is now a country which those who aspire for a better life there by settling there through its permanent residency scheme

Denmark’s people are also welcoming of aliens and immigrants from other lands – close by and afar. Denmark has a friendly and welcoming immigration policy or scheme, too.

Some of the following are the general rules that applicant must meet/pass for Denmark’s permanent residency.

1) he/she must qualify for a temporary visa 2) he/she must be at least 18 years of age 3) he/she must have legally resided in Denmark for at least 5 years 4) he/she must not have a criminal record 5) he/she must not have any due public debt 6) he/she must not have received certain types of public benefits for a period of three years prior to submitting his/her application for permanent residence, or, while his/her application is being processed

Thus, as indicated above, the above are some of the requirements for becoming eligible for and applying for Denmark’s ‘Permanent Residency’ (i.e. for migrating to Denmark). But it is also true that there are exceptions and special requirements applicable for other types of applicants. Thus, if the applicant has been a refugee in Denmark, or someone who has a strong connection to Denmark, etc. and other such backgrounds, these above rules do not apply.

And, finally, for the application process for the country’s permanent residency scheme, a suitable application form (Forms such as TU1-3, TU4, FA 10, etc.) has to be submitted based on eligibility criteria, such as whether one is a student or a worker or a refugee, etc.

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