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Applying for Denmark Work Permit

Denmark is one of the most popular destinations of the Nordic region. It is also a favorite destination for migrants to work in Denmark because of the stress that Danes give to work-life balance. Hence, many overseas workers and especially skilled professionals wish to apply for a Denmark Work Permit.

Denmark Green CardHowever, in order to live and work in Denmark, a citizen of a country outside the EEA/EU or the Nordic countries must hold a Denmark residence permit and Denmark work permit. The most important factor in determining whether a person can obtain a Denmark work permit and residence permit is, the qualification of the person applying for the Denmark residence permit and Denmark work permit.

A person who is already holding a residence permit based on asylum/family reunification, or on humanitarian grounds, does not need a work permit to work in Denmark.

Applying for, and getting a work permit is solely the responsibility of the individual who wants to work in Denmark. There is a risk of deportation and imprisonment or fine for the worker and the employer if a person is working in Denmark illegally.

These rules also apply in the case of unpaid/voluntary work.

Special schemes

There are numerous schemes which were designed to make it easier for highly qualified professionals to get a Denmark work permit and residence permit.

The Danish Green card Scheme provides an opportunity for highly qualified professionals to visit Denmark in order to search for employment and subsequently work in Denmark.

Denmark has a list of professions which are presently experiencing a shortage of qualified professionals, which is called as the Positive List. People who have a job offer in one of these professions, and who have completed the necessary education, have especially easy access to the Denmark work permit and labor market.

People who have a job offer with an annual pay which exceeds a certain limit, also have an easy access to the labor market of Denmark. These people can go for the Pay Limit Scheme.

To be stationed in a company’s sister or parent company or Danish subsidiary for a certain period, employees of a company can apply for the Corporate Scheme.

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