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A Few Points You Need to Know About Immigrating to Denmark

Danish Green Card SchemeDenmark is the one of the prosperous and beautiful countries in Europe and considered as the popular destination from people all over the world. Denmark encourages qualified and skilled people from all over the world. Surveys show that many foreign students after completion of their education are interested in Danish Green Card and Immigration. The best way to migrate to Denmark is through Green Card Scheme. Denmark follows the points based system for Danish Green Card Scheme, which allows skilled people to work and live in the country.

The eligibility criteria is quite simple and straight forward to get qualified for Denmark Immigration. . The minimum required points to obtain permanent residency through Green Card is 100 points. The points are awarded for the Education, Work Experience, Age, Language Skills and Adaptability.

Danish Green Card Eligibility Criteria:

Following are some of the areas considered for point based system for Immigrating to Denmark

Age: You can gain a maximum of 15 points for age. The points you gain depends upon the age and at time of submitting the visa application. If you are under 34 years you can earn utmost of 15 points for this area, and if you are between 35-40 years of age you earn 10 points. Applicants under 40 years of age are likely to score more points.

Education: Though having the same title, academic degree differs from country to country. For instance a Bachelor’s degree from a country need not necessarily be same to a Bachelor’s degree from Denmark.

If you’re academic level required to be evaluated by the Danish Agency for Universities and Internationalization (DAUI) may be determined by the Danish Agency for Labor Retention and International Recruitment. As per the Danish Green Card scheme if your education level is not as per the Danish Green Card Scheme you will not able to gain the required points for your education to obtain the residence permit. To gain appropriate points you need to have an education level that is equivalent to Danish Bachelor’s Degree. If your education degree is listed in positive list you can earn 10 points. This positive list includes of all the occupations that Denmark is currently shortage of all qualified professionals.

Work Experience: If you are having appropriate work experience you can gain more points under this area. Last five 5 year of your experience will be taken into consideration. You can gain a maximum of 15 points under this category. Part-time work experience will be counted and you will not gain any points for part-time work.

Language Proficiency skills: Applicants are expected to prove their proficiency in Danish, English, Swedish, Norwegian and German, however in any one of the languages mentioned.

Adaptability: Here the points are given if you have earlier studied or worked in the Denmark and willing to immigrate. The maximum points that can be gained for this area are 15 points.

When the eligibility criteria is so simple, it is very much easy for foreign nationals to obtain Denmark Immigration.

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