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Danish Green CardDenmark is known for having the highest level of income equality in the world. Also, it has the best standards of health, welfare along with education. No wonder people are looking for immigration consultants to help them in Denmark immigration.

Denmark is a lucrative destination

Denmark remains as one of the most peaceful as well as safe countries to migrate. It has an excellent education system. There are a variety of employment opportunities available for skilled professionals who are willing to settle in a new country. This country has a flexible immigration policy. It invites people from all across the world to stay and work there by getting a residence and work permit. It has many schemes to attract skilled workers to come there from outside Denmark.

Denmark green card

Denmark Green Card is considered as an excellent opportunity for all those professionals who are looking for life in the EU. People look for Denmark immigration as companies over there have a shortage of qualified employees. Danish Green Card allows qualified individuals to come and work in Denmark as being a pathway to Denmark Immigration.

Scoring 100 points are enough to get a Danish green card which will allow you to work as well as settle in Denmark. In fact, immigration consultants will help non-European Union skilled migrants to come to Denmark under this scheme with a renewable 2 years permit. This will help them in finding work in Denmark. The first-time residence permit can be obtained under this Danish Green card scheme for up to two years. You can apply for an extension for up to three years on this Green Card before it expires.

You need to meet the eligibility criteria. Once done, you can file your application. You would be able to receive your visa in 6 to 12 months! Once you get the visa, you can enter Denmark. You can live in Denmark on a PR Visa. Once you find a job, you can get a permit to work.

You can get your residence permit extended in case you meet the minimum income requirement. Your average salary in the past 12 months before you had submitted your application for an extension must be as per the average salary for new graduates having a Bachelor's degree. This will entitle you to get your work permit renewed for up to 3 years.

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