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As per a recent labour study conducted by Statistics Canada, provinces like New Brunswick are in dire need of labour force. The study reveals that Canadian labour force is declining with each passing year. Statistics show Canada’s labour force participation rate will fall between 59 and 62 by 2031. However, last year this rate was 67 percent. "Overall, the Canadian labour force is changing. The share of the population age 15 and over will be decreasing in all provinces, but it's going to decrease more rapidly even in the Atlantic Provinces," stated André Lebel, a senior analyst with Statistics Canada. New Brunswick has already started facing the shifts in labour force. Last year its labour force participation rate was just 64 percent; which is below the national average. By 2031, it is expected to fall to 54 to 58 percent. The worker to retiree ratio is also a major concern for the Canadian government. It is expected that by 2031 there will be just 1 worker for every 3 retirees. In New Brunswick this ratio is expected to be 2 to 1. By 2031, nearly half of Canada’s population could be over the age of 65. These statistics have highlighted the need of immigrants for Canada’s future growth. To sustain, Canada would need huge cooperation from foreign workers. It is expected that by 2031, 1 in 3 workers will be foreign born. The provincial governments, including New Brunswick, have started addressing the future labour growth challenge. Numerous immigration and settlement activities are being started to attract students & skilled professionals to these provinces who can address this workforce paucity for Canada.

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