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Government of Canada has come up with an online survey to estimate the views of people about its immigration policies. This is conceded by “CIC”, the Department of Citizenship and Immigration. More than 2000 natives have already participated in this survey so far. Mr. Jason Kenney, minister for citizenship immigration and multiculturalism says that this initiative will help the CIC get views of stakeholders on Canada’s immigration policies. He opined, “The online consultation provides an important opportunity to gather input from stakeholders and the public on key questions facing CIC." "This is also a chance to highlight some of the considerations and difficult choices involved in managing a global immigration system," said Kenney Canada accepts nearly 280,000 migrants every year; making it a country having maximum immigrations across the world.  According to the calculations done, the country is expected to have around 28% foreign births by 2031. How Canadian visas should be allocated between “economic” migrants, needed for their skills, migrants coming to join their families and refugees, and how to ensure that Canada's cities, where most new immigrants gravitate, are not placed under too much social and physical strain are some of the issues which are expected to be catered with the ongoing survey. In a discussion with CIC; the business firms, immigrant groups and the employers raised some problems within the present immigration policies. They suggested changes in current policies like visa duration period should be reduced for the migrants who apply for family reunification etc.

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