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According to a recent survey by Australian Immigration Department, Chinese are the highest number of citizens migrating to Australia. China has topped the survey with approx 29,547 Chinese migrating to Australia in 2010/11. While Chinese dominated 17.5 percent of the total migration program, the number of Brits and Indians migrating to Australia in 2010/11 stood at 23,931 & 21,768 respectively. Speaking on the General Skilled Migration (GSM) program Australian Immigration Minister Chris Bowen said, "Skilled migrants deliver significant benefits to the Australian economy as their employment contributes to economic growth and their relative youth offsets some of the impacts of the aging labor force." Australia is undergoing a surge in resource investment as mining and energy firms boost output to meet demand from China and India. According to Treasury Secretary Martin Parkinson, Australia will have a 'significant' impact from the emergence of India and China, two economies that account for more than a third of the world's population and are growing rapidly.

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