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    Hong Kong work permitHong Kong work permit allows qualified candidates having good educational qualification, experience and knowledge to work in Hong Kong in the occupations, which the country has demand for.

    The applications under the work permit, which is usually issued for duration of one year, are evaluated depending on the applicant’s qualifications and the company hiring them.

    In order to avail a Hong Kong work permit, employing companies have to sponsor the nationals of foreign origin to get employed for them and file their applications for work permit in the interest of the employee.

    Hong Kong work permit requirements:


    To be qualified for a Hong Kong work permit under the scheme of employment for professionals one has to meet the following requirements:

    • Must have good educational background.
    • Genuine job vacancy at the employing company
    • Confirmed Employment offer. Moreover, the acquired job has to meet the work experience or educational qualification and which cannot be readily handled by the workforce locally.
    • The salary paid to the applicant has to conform to the existing market standards in Hong Kong.

    Hong Kong works permit process


    The visa application process would take six to eight weeks from the time of submission of the application. After the grant of the Hong Kong work permit the immigration department of Hong Kong will send approved visa applicant a sticker to be placed in the passport, which further needs to be validated to gain entry into Hong Kong. The work permit gets activated only after the validation of the sticker is done.

    The validity of the visa is based on the contract of the employee. Holders of the work permit are eligible to stay in the Hong Kong for a valid duration of their visa even though their employment gets terminated prior to the expiration date of the visa.

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