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    In relation with the recent changes, Canada government is planning to strengthen the rules and eligibility criteria of student visa in order to mitigate fraudulent immigrations. From identification of Federal Government, most of the foreign students are entering in to Canada with student visas and after entering in to Canada they are not enrolling in any of the institutions of Canada for study. The entered fraudulent students from neither foreign countries nor even enrolling in an institution for studies or nor being a part of Canada’s labor market. Hence in order to reduce these ratios Canadian government had decided to tighten the rules of student visas more specifically. They also stated that increase in these fraudulent cases results in diminishing the fame of the nation in the international market. Hence in order to protect the national policies of Canada and to enhance the economic portfolio of the Canada, federal government is planning to hit at the immigration policies. It is urging the provinces, to submit all the affiliated names of the institutions, so that it was easy to identify the fraudulent names and barred totally them in accepting the international students. It also confirmed that, Canada student visa issued only if the student had fully enrolled in a program, in an institution listed by the province and after submitting related documents for the process. The significant change in the student visa rules are work permit issued for students possessing valid student visa, and it is mainly applicable for international students only. Most of the international stakeholders in Canada supported the new changes designed especially for the student visas because it ensure the credibility of the process and enhances the economic status of the Canada. In some cases, an individual does not require a study permit to go to school in Canada. If the applicants wish to study in a short-term course or program -

    • One does not need a study permit if he or she plans to take a course or program in Canada that lasts six months. The applicant should complete the entire course or program where he or she registered to stay in Canada.
    • The individual does not require a study permit it is an excellent idea to apply for a permit before he or she comes to Canada. If one decided that to continue your studies in another program after they complete their short-term course or program, he or she should apply for a study permit visa outside the Canada province if they do not have a visa.
    • Canada Immigration had transformed the visa rules for postgraduate students regarding extending their stay to a longer period in Canada.

    As per, the old rules a foreign student who immigrated to Canada under postgraduate program has the scope to stay only for 90 days after completion of their studies and this period intended to job search in their expertise. Now, according to the new rules, postgraduate students are eligible to apply for work permit visa, which provides a chance for applicants to stay in Canada for 3 years without any constraints. The new rules provide more scope for foreign students to accustom to the Canada atmosphere, and prosper in their career, through applying for permanent residence visa and initiate the process to grow in their career and become successful. For the prospective foreign students, it is mandatory to have a one year Canadian work experience to become eligible for applying permanent residence visa in Canada, and this program referred as Canadian Experience Classification.

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