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    India is one of the fastest growing Economies of the world. It offers young and growing middle-class population. These factors offer widespread Opportunities for US companies to be interested in joining hands with India in it's development objectives and sustainable growth plans.

    Infact, the growing rate of business travels between India and US facilitate trade and innovation, which will benefit both the countries. US facilitates legitimate business traveland migration to US and offer various visas to promote this exchange

    Two Visa categories, that foster this smooth flow of business travel to and fro US, are skilled worker visa(H1B) and the L1 visa, which is used by companies to transfer their skilled employees to their US branches. India utilises these visas most throughout the world. In the year 2011, 65% of H1B visas and 37% of L1 visas issued were to Indians.

    Under the Business Exexutive Program, thousands of Indians have travelled to US last year. Business travellers are granted 10 year, multiple-entry visas. Most prominent and sought after are the L1 visas, though.

    There are two categories  of L-1 visas: individual  and blanket L-1 visas. Individual L-1 visas require filing a petition for each individual applicant. Here, a consular is supposed to verify the information provided in the petition with that at the visa issuance authority. Over 90% of individual L-1 cases are approved by the consular team in India.

    Blanket L-1 visas are for large firms applying under a single visa request for undefined no. Of their qualifying employeeThe qualifications may indicate their employee status and positioning in the company. These visas are promoted to ensure easy long term transfer of employees. These visas are not subject to any remuneration restrictions .

    With an increase in growth of H1B visas by 24%in 2011, the issuance of L1 visas has reduced. This is because of the cases, where companies and individuals have applied for L1 visas, without qualifying for their 'specialised knowledge' requirements. Also, many skills that were considered 'specialised' earlier have been removed from that category, which need to be confirmed before applying.

    we offer US work-study program immigration consultation. Not just US, every country has a wide range of visas.

    In order to be sure, which visa you qualify for, and which best meets your personalized goals, you can turn to world's super visa specialist,, with over 11 years of experience in the field of immigration. you can call our toll-free no. 1800-103-1555 or sms 'VISA' to 56263. To get the latest information on immigration visa services feel free to visit Face book.

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