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    US Immigration policiesMay be true, The United States immigration is age old compared to the other stringent point based immigration procedures of the Australia, Canada and other countries. Canada has different immigration procedures, its immigration agency is synchronized with the local labor market and the needs of the industry are fulfilled by the immigration agency.

    Immigration has been the most discussed topic of the presidential elections. None clearly understood the points of the political class, some are pro-immigrant and some are anti-immigrant. However, the double talk by the trump means that the people do not have even the fundamental idea of immigration. The contribution made by the immigrants to the American society and its progress.

    Since 1990’s there is no new system of immigration in the United States. Whereas other countries have like Australia and Canada revamped the system of immigration procedures with the stringent policies. However, that is the different thing, political class in the United States is displaying hypocrisy, directly or indirectly they support immigration.

    Heated debate over the immigrants taking over the jobs was the hot topic in the United States. The real question arises at the stage where the immigrants come with the skills to fill the gaps in its industries. The industry bodies in the United States have largely supported the potential immigrants who are hard working and performing consistently.

    The immigration policies may take new turn after the elections. As of now the H1b and L1 visa fee hike is the burning issue as the IT giants of India have opposed the move of the United States and the Indian Government has complained against the United States at the World Trade Organization.

    There are other concerns from the locals that the IT companies are hugely relying on the foreign talent rather than recruiting the American nationals.

    The huge response to the Trump from the different sections of the society, for his anti-immigrant statements. Apparently tells the voice of the Americans who are against the immigrants. The new Government will work on the immigration policies to calm down the people who are against immigration. Let us see opinion of the Americans in the upcoming presidential elections.

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