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    UK Student Visa  UK has become popular study destination now a day’s among students who aspire to study overseas. Brimming with broad range of study and course options, studying in Canada has grabbed craze among young minds. Most Indian students prefer UK education for its immense work and study opportunities that they get by studying in UK. The country is known for its excellent study curriculum, quality education, advanced teaching standards, and good infrastructure for international students, that is why most of the students are showing interest towards studying in UK. Whether you are interested in doing your MBA or hotel management course or any other, studying in UK is the best option for you.     

    UK Student Visa:

    Students who wish to study in UK need to obtain UK Student Visa prior to their entry. UK Tier 4 Student Visa is a point’s based visa, which is for foreign students aspiring to study in UK. Applicants of UK Student Visa require a university or other approved UK educational institution to sponsor them. UK Student Visa applicants need to score enough points to be accepted as a student in the UK.

    Types of UK Student Visas:

    UK Student Visa is categorized into five types under Tier 4 points based system. However, each and every category of UK Student Visa has its own requirements that are needed to be satisfied by the student applicants.    

    UK Student Visa for adults

     Students over 16 years of age who wish to pursue their post-graduation studies in the country can apply for this type of UK Student Visa.

    UK Student Visa for student visitors

    Tourists over 18 years who wish to engage in six months course in the UK can apply for this type of UK Student Visa. In fact, students under this category are not allowed to work while studying in the UK.

    UK Student Visa of Child student type

    International students between 4 and 17 years can come to the UK to be educated at an independent-fee paying school.

    UK Student Visa of Child visitor type

    Students whose age is equal or over 17 years and who wish to do a six month course can enter into the UK under this type of UK Student Visa.    

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