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    The introduction of strict security alerts by US administration mainly intends for cutting down the US visa delays by overseas applicants.

    Immigrants who are found guilty of violating the rules of US visa travels will be severely punished, said an official of the US Homeland Security Department.

    John Cohen, Deputy Counter Terrorism Coordinator of US Homeland Security Department, stated that a verification system will be used for checking the numerous databases which will include the Law enforcement, national security, and immigration databases.

    According to Cohen, the innovative security checking system till now has resulted in recognizing 12 leads causing damage to US security. The major aim of this system is to uncover those immigrants who delayed their US travel visa and can harm the US security.

    9/11 commission of US stated that the new security alerts will be helpless as it will cause some trouble to the immigrants coming on US travel visa. The commission also suggested for the implementation of a biometric system that helps in cataloging immigrants leaving the US.

    Due to high implementation charges of Biometrics system, it is still pending in the US.

    Janet Napolitano, Secretary of US Homeland Security, said that as the biometric system is quite expensive alternate systems have been already installed which targets the same problem.

    John Cohen said the recent security systems will help in carrying out a wide check of multiple databases. The Department is undertaking customary checking for recognizing the visas which have not yet expired.

    Cohen stated that out of the total backlog 1.6 million immigrants have delayed their visas.  800,000 immigrants who have previously left the US or misrepresented their visa status have been identified by the department. Remaining 839,000 immigrants have been examined against any potential harm to nation and public.

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