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    Sweden Tourist VisaFamous for beautiful castles, breath-taking landscapes and national parks, Sweden is the most beautiful place to tour during any season. By visiting Sweden, one can gain unforgettable experience and can make the most of their holiday vacation. The country is known for unique species of wildlife and visiting Sweden is certainly an opportunity that can make your trip most exciting and adventurous. With around 9.3 million, Sweden is the largest of the Nordic countries. Most people visit Sweden to benefit from its highest living standards, multi-culture and stability. Whether you wish to do skiing on the edges, explore the landscape with snowmobiles or dog sledging on endless stretches of snow, Sweden is the ideal destination to travel.

    Visiting Sweden    

     If you are planning to visit Sweden, then you need to apply for a Sweden Tourist Visa. Citizens outside the EU/EEA need to obtain Sweden Visit Visa to travel to the country. When you are filing an application for a Sweden Visit visa, you must document all the necessary proofs at the embassy.

    Requirements of Sweden Tourist Visa

    Individuals who are applying for Sweden Tourist Visa must meet few general requirements such as:

    • A travel document valid for minimum three months from the intended date of travel
    • Sufficient funds to meet your expenses during your stay in the country
    • Medical travel insurance valid in all the Schengen countries and should cover costs of minimum EUR 30,000
    • You must state the purpose of visit
    • Proof to demonstrate intended period of stay

    However, the Sweden Tourist Visa requirements change from country to country. Hence, it is required to check what applies to you while filing an application for Sweden tourist visa.

    How to apply for a Sweden tourist visa?

    Individuals need to submit their Sweden tourist visa application to a Swedish embassy or consulate-general. In few countries, Sweden does not have its own embassy or consulate-general and is not represented by another country. Anyone who is intending to apply for a Sweden tourist visa must travel to the nearest country where there is a consulate-general or Swedish embassy.

    Sweden Visit Visa Processing Time

    In general, the application of Sweden tourist visa will be processed within two weeks. However, processing times will vary depending on the embassy or consulate general. One must approach the Swedish embassy or consulate-general to know the precise information about processing times. Applicants are advised to file their Sweden Visit Visa applications before two months from the intended date of travel.

    How long the Sweden Visit Visa is valid?

    Generally, the Sweden Tourist Visa is valid for 90 days within six months. In some special cases, applicants may be granted a visa for up to one year.

    Hence, if you wish to tour abroad, then Sweden would be the ideal destination for you.

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