stdClass Object ( [id] => 12116 [post_date] => 2012-04-02 17:38:25 [post_content] =>  Immigration to Sweden has been on the increase after the Second World War. Working hours were reduced and this attracted workers from other countries to migrate to Sweden. In fact, this had created a big demand for migrant labour. This rather uncontrolled demand for immigrant labor continues up till 1967. Many during this time favored immigration to Sweden to better their prospects. In the 1950s, The Nordic communities had signed the agreement setting up a common labor market, implying that citizens of one particular Nordic country were free to work or study in another Nordic country. In the mid 1970s, Labor immigration had virtually stopped in the mid-1970s. In fact, a growing proportion of those who favored immigration to Sweden came as refugees. Immigration laid out that a person from a non-immigrant country wishing to settle or perhaps work in Sweden  have to obtain a residence as well as work permit before they ca n enter Nordic country. In modern terms a visa is essential, for Non-Nordic migrant to enter a Nordic country and work there. On the other hand sometime during 15th December, 2008, the rules changed and person who has an offer of work in Sweden has to obtain a residence as well as work permit. The person can also visit Sweden during the 3 months of one’s period for visa and then can return to his or her country. The visa processing is carried out at the Swedish embassy. On 1st January the EAA agreements have come into force. The provision of this agreement allows Citizens of EU/EEA can live in any other country including Sweden and are allowed to work, study and start business. It is quite evident that those who decide on immigration to Sweden require visa in case they are non-Nordic; if they happen to belong to a Nordic country, which also includes Sweden, then no visa is required to work, study or settle in any of the Nordic countries. Connect with us on FB:!/opulentuz Follow us on:!/Opulentuz For any queries and clarifications visit our forum: [post_title] => Increase in Immigration to Sweden since World War II [comment_status] => open [post_password] => [post_name] => [post_modified] => 0000-00-00 00:00:00 [menu_order] => 0 [post_type] => post [post_image] => [comment_count] => 0 [category] => 3764 [source] => 91 [meta_title] => [meta_description] => [meta_keyword] => [post_by] => Author [country] => 0 [status] => 1 [pretty_url] => increase-in-immigration-to-sweden-since-world-war-ii [editeddate] => 0000-00-00 [editedby] => [reviewstatus] => [rejectiontype] => [rejectreason] => [post_category] => 3764,3765,3834,3886 [post_tags] => 31911,32558,33170,33177,33686,33798 [plagiarisem_count] => 0 [cnt_image] => [post_dateadded] => 2012-04-02 17:38:25 [addedby] => 12 [inactive_reason] => [source_ref_id] => 2044 [p_url] => increase-in-immigration-to-sweden-since-world-war-ii [c_url] => immigration-uncategorized )