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    About the Nova Scotia Provincial Program for Skilled Professionals

    Nova Scotia has a provincial nominee program called as the Nova Scotia Provincial Program which allows applicants to immigrate based on their having been nominated for one of the occupations in the ‘occupation list.'

    which comprises a list of occupations which are not being filled (i.e. for which a demand situation exists) and for which there is a regional labor market demand.

    Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee ProgramCanada and its provinces allow applicants to immigrate to their province and country based on their economic needs, requirements, and shortages. This is true of Nova Scotia as well, and the program is called as the Canada-Nova Scotia Provincial Program. Since it is true that the profession of manufacturing and industrial engineer is much in demand in the province, an applicant can apply for the province’s or Nova Scotia’s PNP (Provincial Nominee Program) for this occupation.

    In the case of a Nova Scotia ‘provincial nominee program’, the province in question has to nominate the worker to the program. Further to that, the applicant also has to apply to Canada immigration which also considers and examines the applicant’s application and the attached documents before it makes a clear decision to allow (or, disallow) the applicant to migrate to the province and Canada.

    Eligibility Conditions to be met by the applicant

    Under the Nova Scotia provincial nominee program, a job offer from a company is not compulsory. Also, there are a set of eligibility criteria that are to be met by the applicants who are the prospective skilled immigrants of Nova Scotia.

    These include age (applicant must be between 21 years and 55 years), language proficiency in either one of the two primary languages (French or English),

    The applicant ought to be a lawful resident and citizen of the country/nation where he is residing/living in currently, etc. to qualify for Nova Scotia Provincial Program.

    Also, he/she must at the least have a high school level education and a degree, certificate or diploma from a post-secondary institution which is recognized, have a minimum of two years work experience in the profession,

    he/she is seeking to join in Canada to be considered under this program meant for Canada’s Nova Scotia Skilled immigrants.

    Apart from those above, the applicant must also have and show intent and proof that he/she will settle in Nova Scotia as one of its Nova Scotia Skilled Immigrants.

    As part of this, he/she must be able to satisfy the requirements of an employment settlement program which essentially involves answering questions such as the reasons why the applicant has chosen the Nova Scotia provincial program,

    which part of the region he/she wishes to settle in and the causes of the same, the reasons/causes for his/her choice of Nova Scotia.

    The applicant who is a prospective Canada’s Nova Scotia Skilled Immigrant must also make sure that he/she does not satisfy/meet the conditions which make him ineligible to apply for this program. Some of these ‘ineligibility conditions’ are, for example, he/she has an intention to join an occupation under the level C or level D of NOC, he/she is residing in Canada unlawfully, and more/similar such.

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