stdClass Object ( [id] => 11868 [post_date] => 2011-08-11 10:03:38 [post_content] => Google, the largest internet search company has made it easier and cheaper for people to talk to their friends and relatives outside India. It has reduced its call rates to Indian phones from 6 cents (Rs 2.70) per minute to 2 cents (90 paise) per minute. Earlier, only US customers could use Google to call outside countries but now this service has been extended to customers outside US, including those in India. Google phone-calls (via Gmail) are considered to be very cheap as compared to call rates of traditional phone service companies. With the reduction of call rates to such an extent, people can talk around the world at a very reasonable price. However, it is not clear whether Indians could call within the country using Gmail as Government has prohibited such calls to protect the interests of traditional phone companies in India. But they would be able to call outside India using this service and their friends & relatives can also call them at a meagre price of 90 paise per minute.

    "Last year, we made it possible for those of you in the U.S. to call any mobile phone or landline directly from Gmail and starting today, we are making this available to many more of you who use Gmail outside the U.S. by offering calling in 38 new languages," Google said today.

    Since introduction, the quality of these calls has also improved to a great extent. While earlier there were disturbances in the calls due to the unpredictability of internet traffic, now the quality has improved and the difference between calling from a real phone and via Gmail has almost become zero. The charges for calling abroad differ from country to country. [post_title] => Calling outside India gets cheap: Courtesy Google! [comment_status] => open [post_password] => [post_name] => [post_modified] => 0000-00-00 00:00:00 [menu_order] => 0 [post_type] => post [post_image] => [comment_count] => 0 [category] => 3589 [source] => 91 [meta_title] => [meta_description] => [meta_keyword] => [post_by] => Author [country] => 0 [status] => 1 [pretty_url] => calling-outside-india-gets-cheap-courtesy-google [editeddate] => 0000-00-00 [editedby] => [reviewstatus] => [rejectiontype] => [rejectreason] => [post_category] => 3589,3641,3682,3725,3746,3764,3765,3825,3834,3854,3918,3944 [post_tags] => 31105,31911,32558,32612,33101,33769 [plagiarisem_count] => 0 [cnt_image] => [post_dateadded] => 2011-08-11 10:03:38 [addedby] => 12 [inactive_reason] => [source_ref_id] => 177 [p_url] => calling-outside-india-gets-cheap-courtesy-google [c_url] => australia )