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    Hong Kong and its immigration policy

    Hong Kong Immigration Points CalculatorHong Kong is actually part of China and is its specially administered region (HKSAR – Hong Kong Specially Administered Region). It is situated on China’s South Coast. It has a highly developed market economy and is known for its sky scrapers and deep harbour. It is also a trading hub. Hong Kong allows aliens to migrate under its Hong Kong Immigration policy or scheme to that region. This scheme is known as ‘Quality Migrant Admission Scheme’ and is based on the Hong Kong Immigration Eligibility. This scheme for Hong Kong Immigration is an entrant scheme, is quota-based and has certain prerequisites which an applicant has to meet. Apart from meeting these ‘prerequisites’, the applicant must also ‘score high’ on one of the two points tests and all of these constitute Hong Kong Immigration Eligibility. These points tests are the

    • ‘General Points Test’ and
    • ‘Achievement-based points’ test.

    Apart from the points-based tests, there are some prerequisites that an applicant must satisfy, as pointed out in the above. These prerequisites relate to age, financial requirements, character, language proficiency and basic educational qualifications.

    Points-based test  for Immigration to Hong Kong – General Points Test

    Those applicants who meet the above indicated prerequisites have to also obtain or score high on a point-based test to succeed under Hong Kong Immigration scheme. And, as indicated above, there are two types of tests, a ‘General Points Test’ and an ‘Achievement-based points test’.

    Under the General Points Test, points are awarded for factors/criteria are such as

    • Age,
    • Academic/professional Qualifications
    • Work Experience
    • Language Proficiency and
    • Family Background

    All which comprise and are part of Hong Kong Immigration Eligibility. There are a maximum of 165 points that can be awarded under this ‘points-based’ test/scheme for Immigration to Hong Kong. An applicant is evaluated under each of these points head and is awarded points thereby based on certain criteria for consideration of Immigration to Hong Kong. Thus, for example, for or under the ‘age’ criterion, a maximum of 30 points can be assigned to an applicant, if he/she is in the age bracket of 18-39. Thus again, under the age criteria, 20 points are assigned for applicant if he/she is in the age bracket of 40-44, and so on. Thus, under the age criterion or grid-based system, more points are awarded if the applicant is young and vice-versa. Similarly, there are ‘points grids’ for other criteria as well. Thus, under the academic/professional qualification criterion, a maximum of 45 points can be awarded. Thus, two or more doctoral degrees would fetch the applicant/candidate a maximum of 45 points. While, for example, for a master’s degree or two or more bachelor’s, the maximum number of points that can be awarded is 35. Thus, the above indicated prerequisites and the points together comprise Hong Kong Immigration Eligibility (Requirements) and pertain to and directly relate to Immigration to Hong Kong.

    So, similarly, there are ‘points-grids’ for each (and every criterion) of the points-based calculator criteria and an applicant is expected to obtain or get a minimum of 80 points to be considered for Hong Kong Immigration or  Immigration to Hong Kong.

    Points-based test for Immigration to Hong Kong -- ‘Achievement-based Points Test’

    Similarly, for the other points-based test for Hong Kong Immigration, the ‘achievement-based points test’, there are only two criteria under either of which an applicant has to score 165 points. These criteria are: a) the applicant is in receipt of an exceptional achievement such as a ‘Nobel Prize’, or an ‘Olympics Medal’, or, b) the applicant’s work or contribution has been acknowledged/recognized as exceptional by his/her peers, etc. Thus, these aforesaid are the Hong Kong Immigration Eligibility (Requirements) for Immigration to Hong Kong under the second points-based test i.e. the achievement-based points test.

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