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    Hong Kong Work PermitHong Kong has a work permit scheme to attract skilled foreign workers known as Employment for professionals in Hong Kong.

    The applications under this scheme are assessed based on the educational qualifications of the one who is applying and the employer. This kind of work permit is initially approved for one year period and can be extended later on. The is no restriction for work visa number under Hong Kong Work Permit scheme.

    Hong Kong Work Permit eligibility criteria

    • There should be no criminal records concerned with the applicant
    • An excellent educational background is required
    • The remuneration must match with the existing standards of markets in Hong Kong
    • Has an eligible job offer that matches the educational qualification

    Hong Kong Work Permit requirements from applicant

    • Must have a completed employment visa application form
    • Proof of  work experience  and education
    • Overseas residence proof
    • Hong Kong Identity card copy
    • If the applicant is currently  in Hong Kong need to  show the copy of the passport  that  contains the stamp of the latest arrival or extension

    Hong Kong Work Permit requirements from employers

    • Employers have to provide application for employing professionals in the country
    • Letter of  employment contract or appointment with complete details
    • Business Registration Certificate of the Company
    • Proof that shows the financial status of the company
    • Documents revealing the company’s background including mode of operation and activities of the business
    • In case of newly set up company i.e.within the last 12 months

    Business plan of the company has to be provided in detail including information that relates to the basis of funds, projected net profit and the creation of the jobs locally has to be produced.

    Hong Kong Work Permit through Employment as professionals in Hong Kong can be availed by following the above mentioned guidelines.

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