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    To cater to the needs of hospitals there, Germany is about to launch a pilot project to train Indian nurses according to German medical care standards.

    Indian NursesInternational Vocational Training of Germany’s consultant, Jurgen Mannicke said that due to a substantial shortage of young personnel in Germany’s medical care sector, they are thinking of launching a pilot project to train nurses as per German Medical Standards.

    In collaboration with an organization conducting vocational training program in health care sector called Navkar Centre for Skills, the project anticipated being launched soon and will target 20-30 nurses in its beginning phase.

    Mannicke said that the group of nurses who are to be trained according to German industry standards will make them qualified to be hired in hospitals across Germany.

    Although not designated to further benefits, this pilot project’s nurses will be able to procure work and residence permit and may become eligible for German citizenship over a period of time.

    He said that these nurses will be paid as per the German industry standards, and fears that immigrants can lead to a rush of cheap labor is speculative.

    As Germany faces a shortage of nursing staff due to its ageing population and lack of trained youth has earlier conducted similar pilot projects for seeking nursing support in Philippines and China.

    However, to cope with this long drawn-out deficit in the medical care sector, Germany is looking towards India for young untapped labor force.

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