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    France has always remained an attractive destination for people aspiring to migrate. The country welcomes people who want to settle in France and contribute towards French economy. France Skills and Talents Permit is an approach towards the same which attracts skilled professionals from all over the world to work in France and contribute towards its development.

    The Skills & Talents permit is granted to a foreign national who wants to settle in France and can present a viable project which will prove to be a benefit for both the French economy and his/her home country. This permit is valid for 3 years and is renewable. Under Skills and Talents Permit, the holder is allowed to carry out any professional activity of his/her choice in connection with the business or project proposed. Spouse of permit holders is also eligible to work in France under “Private and Family Life" permit.

    The “Skills & Talents” permit is suitable for people who:

    • Are working in the humanitarian, artistic, cultural, scientific or sport field
    • Want to invest in France
    • Want to implement their managing skills in France

    Holders of this permit are eligible to Apply for France Permanent Residency after 3 years of stay in France. Subsequently, French Citizenship can be obtained after a stay of 5 consecutive years since initial entry.

    France Skills and Talents permit is beneficial for skilled Indian professionals due to many reasons. Apart from adding a spouse, the provision of renewing the permit is an advantage over other western countries which impose protectionist barriers to protect their own domestic workforce in the face of job losses. Also, Skills and Talents Permit is not bound by any quota numbers, enabling people to work under any job fields. So, skilled professionals like IT workers and people involved in scientific, cultural, humanitarian, sports, commercial, industrial, etc. activities are all covered under this permit.

    The Skills and Talents Permit holders also get support under the European Union Blue Card Permits which enables them to work in other European countries as well after the completion of initial 2 years in France, without needing to apply for any additional permits.

    To post a query regarding France Skills and Talents Permit, visit

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