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    finlandFinland is a beautiful country which is known for its equal participation in work by both men and women. Both categories work under the same work visa of Finland which is EU-15. Working hours of every week are according to the EU average. Finland’s working hours does get extended thus overtime; hence working part time in Finland is not common.

    There are many pros while you work in Finland. The major one is numerous options for family leave and every child get entitled to get municipal day- care. The influence on the salary of the parents will be made by the fees of the day care. As there is gender equality in Finnish work life, both parents get to spend quality time on a family leave option so that children do not get ignored.

    National holidays and other family leave options are solely meant for family meet time. In Finland family life is highly valued. Legislators and employers in Finland work together in making norms so that work life of any employee does not hinder in family- time. Thus, the work life in Finland is less complex.

    There is no fear of losing a job if the parent wants to take care of his/her children until they turn 3 years old. There is a set timing for going to work and coming back home. Another family benefit while working is private medical care insurance. If the country of the non- EU resident has a social security agreement with Finland they will avail full insurance on medical care.

    In workplaces you will not be monitored every moment by your seniors. There is a work responsibility and reliability environment in Finnish work culture. Everything is followed according to a time table in Finland. Some workplaces have flexible work timings and an employee can get a flexible time of in and out according to his/ her need. Speak out if you can’t complete the task. Tell your supervisor and get an extra day for your work extension or a few extra hours. All in all Finnish work life is stable, systematic and well concerned. Finnish or an immigrant both are treated equally and given all the credit required for the work done.

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