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    difference between EU Blue card and Danish Green CardPermanent residency

    The EU Blue Card is a residence as well as work permit for high-skilled migrants from outside the European Union. When individuals think of immigration to the European Union, Denmark does not immediately spring to their mind. But with an attractive corporate culture and flourishing IT industry and due to its laid-back European lifestyle, it turns out to be the favourite for someone who desires to live as well as work abroad.  Please find the details below to know more about EU Blue card, Denmark Green card and also their difference as well as similarities:

    There is not much difference between EU Blue card and Danish Green Card

    Permanent Residency– EU Blue card does not offer permanent residency whereas the Denmark green card offers permanent residency.

    Validity period-The EU Blue Card is valid up to 2 years, and also it is renewable.  Denmark green card is also valid up to 2 years, and the applicants can renew it for additional 3 years.

    Permission included – EU Blue card allow its holders and also their families to both live as well as travel in EU.  Denmark green card also allows the applicants to bring their family members to Denmark. The residence permit is offered to the applicant’s spouse, registered partner or cohabiting partner a well to the applicant’s children if they under 18 years and living along with the applicant. To be considered as cohabiting partner, the applicant must have lived together for at least for 18 to 24 months.

    Application requirement: For EU Blue Card, the applicant must possess one –year EU job contract and should have a salary of three times the minimum wage. For Denmark Green card they have to qualify point based system. Points are awarded on three main factors such as Language, Education level and Adaptability.

    Time Period: The EU Blue card holder can apply for PR after 5 years similarly for Denmark green card holders also require to apply for PR after 5 years.

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