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    migrate to CanadaCanada Immigration - Canada is known to be an attractive destination for the immigrants around the world, especially those who are looking to work in Canada and have a high standard of living.

    This nation offers ample opportunities to excel. As per the Organization for the Economic Cooperation as well as development, the Canada’s annual immigration flow is now proportionately one of the highest among the OECD members.

    In 2010, it was considered to be a record year as the new permanent residents were 281,000  and the in the year 2011, there were about 249,000 new permanent residents in this nation.  This separate count does not take into account 190,800 temporary foreign workers out of which 98400 were international students who came to study in Canada and few of them,  have decided to stay here and put their skills to use in the Canadian industries.

    Why Canada preferred destination

    One of the primary reason the foreign immigrants do favor Canada as a destination is the labour mobility it offers. As per its latest competitiveness report published last month, the world Economic Forum does rank Canada as the world’s 7th most efficient labour market.

    What is positive implication on Canadian economic growth as well as real estate

    Since 2008,  Canada’s strong economic performance is explained by various factors that do include massive public infrastructure spending, capitalized banks, high influx of the immigrants.  The immigration has led to population growth nearing to 1.2 % that is well ahead of the 0.7% and 0.3 % in the Eurozone respectively.

    Canada immigration

    Canada needs immigrants as much as the immigrants need a preferred destination such as Canada. The reason is its prosperity, which is vital to Canada’s  growth.

    Age group

    We also observe that high percentage of immigrants belonging to each province are in the age group of 20 to 44, which means benefits of household formation are spread across the nation. This also helps us explain why the housing market in Canada has been so resilient during the past five years.

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