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    Canada Work Permit VisaWorkers from across the globe prefer Canada for its competitive and excellent working conditions, high quality education, safe and secure environment and its best health care system.

    Canada work permit is intended for foreign skilled workers, who possess a valid job offer from Canada. This does not allow the visa holder to reside in the nation permanently.

    Canada work permits visa requirements

    People, interested to apply for a Canada Work permit visa have to possess a valid passport, offer letter of job from Canadian employer, good character and health, proof to demonstrate the fulfillment of requirements. For ex: age, education or work experience. Besides, the employer must hold a labor marker opinion also known as LMO.

    Canada work permits application process

    Following the consent of the Canadian government to allow employers to hires employees the employer will send a Confirmation letter of LMO. The applicants have to submit the detailed job offer along with LMO while filing an application for  canada work permit visa process.Canada Work Permit Visa Application

    Canadian Jobs that do not require a LMO

    An LMO is a documents approved by Canadian government that allows employer of the applicant to employ a temporary foreign worker. Following are the people who require a work permit but not an LMO

    1. Workers covered under international agreement including professionals, traders and investors

    2. People participating in exchange programs

    3. Spouses of those foreign students pursuing full time course or of certain skilled foreign workers

    4. Workers, who are eligible for a work permit under pilot program

    5. Workers or entrepreneurs transferred within a company

    6. People belonging to group of Academics and religious workers

    7. Co-opstudents, who are the foreign students of the country doing internships as part of their study program.

    8. Foreign workers of Francophone Significant Benefit Program

    Canada Work Permit Visa Features

    People holding a Canadian work permit Visa are authorized to work in the country, to engage in course of study, travel through the country and the dependent children and spouse are authorized to come along with the visa holder.

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