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    Sponsorship-Immigration-to-CanadaCanada has ten provinces as well as three territories in the northern part of the continent of North America. Many wish to become a permanent resident of Canada.Canada PR Visa holders do hold similar rights as well as responsibilities as Canada citizen that include the right to work for any enterprise as well as provincial or federal govt. The main difference is that when you Migrate to Canada with Family on Permanent visa then you cannot

    •    Vote in elections in Canada •    Run for elected office •    Hold for Canadian passports

     We find Canada permanent residents also risk deportation for the crimes committed while residing in Canada. PR holders may apply for citizenship of Canada after four years in Canada. However, it is not mandatory.

    Family immigration to Canada is possible as these individuals who are permanent resident of Canada or who have become citizens, they can sponsor their spouse, common-law or conjugal partner or dependent through Canada immigration sponsorship visa.

    All those who sponsor family member to immigrate to Canada, they must provide proof that they would

    •   Meet basic requirements, food, clothing, and shelter for themselves as well as their family. •    Support their relative financially and •    Make sure that their spouse or relative does not require to seek financial help from the Canadian govt. 

    Determine Your Eligibility

    Find out, whether you are eligible to sponsor your spouse, partner or children. Those individuals who live in Quebec, they must also meet the Quebec conditions to be a sponsor. 

    The first step to apply to be a sponsor, the individuals must be a citizen or permanent resident of Canada and must be minimum 18 years old.

    For more information about this, please fill out Free assessment form.  One of our consultants will get back to you. For more updates follow us on Facebook , Twitter , Google+

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